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From an early age I was encouraged to draw and paint from the natural world. My grandma would take me out for walks in the Devonshire countryside to look at flora and fauna both large and small, we’d then pop home and draw or paint what we had seen. This early encouragement has engendered a lifelong interest in art and the natural world.

Whilst studying Illustration at Harrow I developed as an artist, illustrator and printmaker, but it has only been in last ten years that I have actively been able to work more as a full- time artist and tutor. In fact, balancing teaching, family life and my own practice is always a challenge, but it makes me treasure each minute I can spend on my own artwork.

My ongoing fascination with birds and wildlife is now my primary artistic focus. I am a keen bird watcher, whether it be from my back garden, out on a dog walk, or on my travels. This has encouraged a renewed passion for drawing from life, and I love nothing more than a session with my binoculars, scope and sketchbook. Drawing in the field is a lifetime’s challenge, wildlife just doesn’t stay still! So, I am continually learning to look harder, see quicker and draw more efficiently. My current favourite media for outdoors are pastel, charcoal and watercolour, all of which encourage me not to fuss and get the overall shape, feel and colour down quickly. It isn’t an exact science, and I quite often end up with a smudgy mess, but these sketches and splodges alongside photographs inform my work back in the studio.

My studio work now takes many forms from smaller watercolours to larger pastels, acrylics and, when time allows, etchings and collagraphs.

Looking to the future I am keen to create more time for sketching and developing artwork that is less of a direct animal study and more of a depiction of wildlife within their natural environment.

If you would like any more information please use the form below to get in contact with me. I take commissions and am always happy to answer any questions about my work, I look forward to hearing from you.


"Drawing in the field is a lifetime’s challenge, wildlife just doesn't stay still! I am continually learning to look harder, see quicker and draw more efficiently."


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