Covid related Guidelines and Risk Assessment

We ask you all to please read the information below and to do everything you can to adhere to them to enable us all to have a safe return to the studio this September 2021.


    1. Please ensure that you do not bring your child to art if they show any COVID 19 symptoms or indeed any signs of illness.

    2. Please ensure that you email or telephone us if your child is sent home to isolate as it may affect one or more of our groups.

    3. Students are not required to wear a mask or face-covering in the studio. Likewise social distancing is no longer required in the studio but we are still trying to minimise close contact where possible.

    4. We would politely like to ask that parents still stay outside our wooden gates on the drive, with the exception of new students arriving for the first time. We will come to let the students in, this reduces the contamination risk and means that we can have a smoother transition between the groups.

    5. For groups with younger children, we will come to the gate to meet you all and bring the children out at the end of the session.

    6. There will be hand sanitising stations at the gate and by the studio doors. Students will be encouraged to sanitise their hands on the way in and out.

    7. Each session is an hour and we have lengthened the amount of time in between sessions to ensure that the studio and equipment can be cleaned before the next session begins.

    8. Please be on time for drop off and collection. Because of timing and the cleaning we will still need to do between the sessions, it is important that the children are on time – no more than 5 mins before the session and even more importantly please ensure that your child is collected on time. We will be escorting them to the gate and don’t want to have to leave a child unattended.

    9. If you are late for any reason, please phone us on the home number or mobiles as soon as you can so that we can make arrangements for the student to be catered for accordingly.

    10. The WC will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised between each session.

    11. Each student will be provided with their own basic equipment including pencils, rubber, pencil sharpener and a basic range of paint brushes. These will be kept in their own named jar or pencil case and will only be used by the individual student.