Fees and Payment:
Fees are £12.50 per session and you will be invoiced at the start of each six/seven week term. You can pay by cash, cheque or by bank transfer. Bank Details are on the invoice. Please ensure that you have paid within the 15 day time limit. It is never nice chasing people up for money and I hope that if you have a payment problem during the half term that you will talk to me directly.

If you pay cash for sessions, please see next paragraph about missed sessions, please expect to pay for all the sessions in the half term, including any missed through illness, clashes etc.

Missed sessions:
If I have to cancel or postpone a session for any reason, I will always endeavour to let you know in good time and hopefully be able to offer a suitable alternative. If the alternative session is not suitable I will happily refund the session.

If your child needs to miss a session, unfortunately I am unable to offer ‘session swaps’ as a general rule. Most of my classes are now full and it can be tricky to accommodate the different age groups, abilities and actual artwork when randomly adding an extra child or more. So please try to plan carefully to make sure your child doesn’t miss the sessions they have booked and paid for. I’m afraid I must also stress that regardless of how you pay you are also expected to pay for any session that is missed through you own choice/illness etc.

Cancelling your child’s place:
I ask for half a terms notice to cancel your child’s place. This has been a long standing arrangement and I hope that everyone understands why I ask for it (I think that other teachers ask for anything up to a terms notice).  I appreciate that it is sometimes hard to see what’s around the corner and to plan that far ahead.  However, as I now have a list of parents who are asking for spaces and changes to their sessions, it’s more important than ever for me to plan my groups in advance.

Materials and equipment.
Little Bird Art Studio Provides each student with a sketch book and a pencil case with drawing pencils, pencil sharpener and rubber. We use these nearly every week and so I ask that they stay in the studio. These are provided by me so that my students always have the basics of what we need that day. If they are lost you will need to replace them.

We provide most of the other art materials they will ever use in the session. With one exception, once your child has settled in, I do ask them to provide their own small water colour box. I can provide these at cost (£10-£15) and will let you know when they will be required. You may also purchase your own or provide one that you have. We do also use larger sets of water colours in the studio as well as a full range of other materials, but sometimes it can be useful for them to have their own small box to work with.

Included in the fee are refreshments – usually biscuits and /or toast as well as squash or water half way through the session. If your child has any dietary requirements please include these on the personal details form.

Drop off and collection times for Art:
Please try to make sure your child is dropped off and collected on time for their Art session. If they are early or late it can be very disruptive. If children do arrive early I shall have to ask them to wait outside. Ok in the summer, perhaps not so nice in the winter!  If you are going to be late or need to collect and drop off at a different time, please contact me in advance and I will be happy to accommodate students where possible. Please do not leave it to the child to pass the message on, sometimes they forget and sometimes it is embarrassing for them to ask.

Parking and dropping off.
Please try to park considerately and not on the verges. Every year our verges get chewed up by various vans, lorries cars etc and we spend ages trying to make them look nice again.

Bess our Border Terrier is very friendly and loves people but is very territorial and not keen on dogs she doesn’t know. So if you do choose to bring your dog with you for drop off or pick up please can I ask that they stay on the lead and that you tie them to the hook on the side of the garage post and don’t bring them into the studio or garden please.

Mobile phones:
Children with a mobile phone are more than welcome to bring it to the session, but unless otherwise agreed, it must stay in their bag and not be used for texting/phoning during lesson time. If you need to text or leave a message with your child please try to do it before or after the session,  if it’s urgent please contact me on my mobile (07425 167891) and I can then pass the message on.  I know the children are allowed to listen to music on their phones in their art lessons at school, but I actively discourage it when working in my studio. It is only an hour and they need to concentrate on their art work and on what I might have to say!

Thank you for your consideration

Best wishes
Sarah (Little Bird Art studio)